Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dexter at Comic-Con 2010

The Dexter panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con is on Thursday 22nd July at 6pm local time. The Comic Con website lists it thus:

"6:00-7:00 Showtime's Dexter— What's next for America's Favorite Serial Killer? If the dramatic season finale left you in an, OMG-what-just-happened frenzy, you don't want to miss this killer panel! You'll see the exclusive world premiere of the new season's trailer, then moderator Ralph Garman (KROQ entertainment reporter) presides over a revealing interview and Q&A session with the stars and executive producers of Dexter. Featured panelists include Michael C. Hall (series star/executive producer), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), Desmond Harrington (Quinn), and executive producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Chip Johannessen (24), and Manny Coto (Star Trek: Enterprise). The new season premieres September 26, at 9:00 pm ET/PT only on Showtime."

The bit I can't wait for is the trailer! Hopefully it'll get posted online soon after so we can all whet our appetites!

Julia Stiles talks about being on Dexter

Julia Stiles, who we already know has a role in Season 5, has been talking about being in the show.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More Dexter Season 5 casting news

Just when we thought there'd been more than enough new people cast in the next Season of Dexter!

[SPOILER ALERT - If you don't want to know ANYTHING about season 5 casting, don't read on!]

Still here?

It's just been announced by Showtime that the star of Robocop, Peter Weller, has been cast in the forthcoming season. He's set to play a troubled Miami Metro police officer who gets caught up in an internal affairs investigation. Apparently he's to appear in 8 of the season's 12 episodes so a pretty major role then.

What concerns me is the number of new people cast in quite major roles, does this mean they'll be trimming Showtime's wage bill by writing off one or two old characters (please LaGuerta just go now!)? Hopefully none of our favourite minor characters like Masuka will be in jeopardy of being axed. That said, it would make for some drama and we do like our Dexter drama, don't we?

Friday, 9 July 2010

Dissecting Dexter Episode 104

The latest Dissecting Dexter podcast is now online. Covering Season 1 Episode 4 "Let's Give the Boy a Hand", the podcast reviews the episode in detail. The line of the episode feature returns and there is some listener feedback including a bad review.

The new podcast is available on iTunes now if you force a refresh or you can download the podcast using this link.