Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dissecting Dexter Season 5 Briefing

In this latest podcast, we take a brief look at what we so far know about Dexter Season 5. If you've not seen season 4 yet, you will probably want to avoid and wait for the forthcoming podcast looking at Dexter Season 1 Episode 3 Popping Cherry, due in the next few days.

In the briefing, we'll be taking a look at casting news and on location reports (because season 5 has started shooting!) and speculating what it could mean for the season 5 storyline. I'm not a fan of major spoilers but if you consider this sort of information spoilery then maybe avoid but the news in the podcast does not contain anything major in the way of spoilers that you wouldn't see in a "coming soon" preview on tv.

I plan to do a season 5 preview podcast later in the summer, hopefully with a guest or two. Send in any feedback via the comment box here or email

Grab the new podcast from iTunes or use this direct download link.

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