Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Season 5 Podcasts coming

On the Dissecting Dexter podcast, with the exception of one special Season 5 preview, we've been exclusively rewatching Season 1 and enjoying those early episodes all over again.

Season 5 is of course about to start airing on US tv and I could hardly pass up an opportunity to podcast about a season as it airs. So...the season 1 rewatch is most likely going on semi-hiatus for the duration of season 5. I may have time to get the odd podcast done, but I can't promise. My priority over the next 12 weeks will be a podcast reacting to each episode of season 5.

For those of you who've not seen all the seasons of Dexter and don't want to know anything about season 5, avoid spoilers etc, please be assured that all podcasts about season 5 will be clearly labelled in iTunes and clearly identified in the podcasts themselves. The season 1 shows will continue to be completely spoiler free but the season 5 ones will be in the same iTunes feed so please take care with which shows you listen to.

Anyone keen to dive into season 5 - most of us I imagine! - I'll be recording a podcast 3 or 4 days after the episodes air in the US and I would welcome any and all feedback, theories, predictions, comments etc either by email ( or drop me a voicemail on our listener lines:

US: 206-350-6166
UK: 0844 579 6949, and enter mailbox ID 08320

I'll be happy to play your comments on the podcast.

I can't wait to get stuck into season 5. It's going to be epic! Join me on Dissecting Dexter and we'll enjoy it together.

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